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Rock Install in Foley, AL

Rock Install in Foley, AL
Rock Install in Foley, AL

A wonderful older man in Foley, Alabama needed some help with his landscape after his surgery and we were happy to come to the rescue! His beds were bare soil and were covered with weeds. He also needed to have several plants pruned back for winter. He decided that rock was the most permanent solution so we installed river rock in his beds. This landscape definitely improved dramatically.

The process involved pulling weeds and pruning back plants that needed it. We then installed landscape weed fabric to prevent weeds from growing back. 3 tons of river rock were then installed at about 2-3 inches thick.

Within a day this customer had a beautiful new looking landscape that would stand the test of time!

What are the benefits of rock as ground cover?

A rock installation in a bed offers several benefits over bare soil. It helps suppress weed growth, reduces soil erosion, enhances drainage, and provides a visually appealing and low-maintenance landscape solution. Additionally, rocks can help retain soil moisture and create a more stable environment for plants.

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Location: Foley, AL

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