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Lawn Care Services You Can Trust From Professionals

Lawn Care Services

For outstanding lawn care services in Foley, Titans Property Services is your trusted partner. Our team of seasoned professionals understands the unique needs of Foley's climate and environment, ensuring that your lawn receives the expert care it deserves. From precise mowing and tailored fertilization to weed control and pest management, we deliver comprehensive solutions that guarantee a lush, healthy, and picturesque lawn.

With Titans Property Services, you can have confidence in the reliability and expertise of our professionals, leaving you with a beautifully maintained lawn that adds value and curb appeal to your property. When you need landscaping for Foley, you can entrust Titans Property Services. Call today for impeccable lawn care services for your home in the Foley area.


At Titans Property Services in Foley, we offer both one-time and regular mowing services to cater to your lawn care needs. Our one-time mowing service is ideal for those seeking immediate assistance in giving their lawn a fresh and well-manicured look. Whether you have an upcoming […]

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Defining your yard and landscaping spaces with edging is a crucial landscaping technique that adds structure and visual appeal to your outdoor areas. Edging serves as a clear boundary between different elements of your landscape, such as flower beds, lawns, and walkways. There are various materials […]

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Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is a crucial aspect of lawn maintenance in Foley. Leaves, especially when wet, can smother your grass, blocking sunlight and inhibiting photosynthesis. This leads to patches of dead or weakened grass and creates an ideal environment for pests and diseases to thrive. By regularly […]

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Weed Control

In the Foley area, effective weed control is the key to achieving a lusher and more vibrant lawn. Weeds compete with your grass for essential nutrients, water, and sunlight, hindering its growth and overall health. By implementing a strategic weed control plan, you can eliminate these […]

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Achieving lush and healthy grass is a goal every homeowner aspires to, and with expert aeration services from Titans Property Services, it's entirely within reach. Aeration is a crucial step in lawn care that involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and […]

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Professional overseeding is a meticulous lawn care practice that involves spreading grass seed over an existing lawn to enhance its density and vitality. This process can significantly improve the thickness and lushness of your grass, filling in any bare spots or thin areas. By carefully selecting […]

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Commercial Lawn Care

When it comes to ensuring the pristine appearance and health of your business property's outdoor spaces, trust the landscaping experts at Titans Property Services for top-quality commercial lawn care. Our team specializes in providing businesses with tailored solutions that go beyond mere lawn maintenance. We understand […]

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Frequently Asked Lawn Care Services Questions

The frequency of lawn mowing depends on factors like grass type, weather conditions, and the season. In general, mowing once a week during the growing season is a good starting point, but it can vary. Consulting a professional lawn care service like Titans Property Services can provide personalized guidance.

While some homeowners manage weed control on their own, professional services offer several benefits, including expertise in identifying and treating specific weed types. Professionals can use targeted treatments that minimize harm to your lawn while effectively eliminating weeds.

The ideal time for lawn aeration typically falls in the early spring or fall when the grass is actively growing. Aeration relieves soil compaction and allows for better nutrient absorption. Consulting with a lawn care expert can help determine the precise timing based on your region and grass type.


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